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April 13, 2022

Uncertainty contributions in the lineshape analysis.

The main goal is to identify the parameters that affect the NMR measurement and the lineshape analysis to estimate properly the uncertainty of the measured polarization.

In the meeting we have identified two sources of uncertainty (hardware related):

  1. VME contributions

To identify the sources that will contribute to the uncertainty the task for next meeting the suggested reading paper is: A modern Q-meter system to measure the polarization of solid polarized targets.

In addition, to understand the coldboard measurements an impedance test needs to be performed (Michael will look into it).

2. Other contributions

* Magnetic field drifts: Michael has data from the 09/2022 cool-down. This data contains the stability of the magnetic field over time by measuring the deuteron signal in the course of at least 4 hours. He will measure the RMS of the measured magnetic field for next meeting.

* Temperature drifts: Need to create a test to measure how changes in temperature in (cables, NMR equipment) affect the measurement.

* Tune changes: 09/2022 cool-down has data of how the area and shape of the polarization signal changes in different locations of the Q-curve. To do that, the magnetic field was changed slightly. Michael will analyze this data in the future.

Lineshape fitting: To understand the uncertainty in the fitting we need to go back to Dulya's paper: 10.1016/S0168-9002(97)00317-3

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